Technical Security Practices

Last updated: March 01, 2021

Dispatch takes your security and the security of your listeners and website visitors very seriously. We have attempted to implement the best and most reasonable security practices at every level.

This web page serves as a reasonable faith effort to educate you on our security practices and protocols. By no means is this a comprehensive detailing or guarantee of any sort. This page is for informational purposes only, and details may not be available or intentionally omitted for privacy or confidentiality purposes.

Security Practices for our Team

Our company implements strict security practices regarding how we access our accounts and services:

  • Dispatch refuses to sell any data, and our policy is to respect your data privacy. Our business model is based on paid Dispatch subscriptions, not on your data.
  • We utilize two-factor authentication on third-party services where available.
  • We use SSH authentication for servers and applicable services.
  • We design features around with customer security and reliability in mind.
  • We keep each computer, server, or device running Dispatch development tools or source code secure and up to date as it is reasonably possible.
  • All Dispatch employees, agents, and providers are trained in data-security practices each year.
  • Security policies are reviewed yearly for all employees and relevant subcontractors.
  • Employees that can access customer data via our internal system have different security levels. We make sure they only have access to relevant data via different permission levels, access logs, two-factor authentication, rate-limits, and safety checks.
  • All of our computers and devices that are capable of viewing customer data are encrypted where possible.
  • All servers and security keys are held off-site; your data is not at risk in case of a physical intrusion in our offices.
  • Dispatch utilizes encrypted backups so that we can recover customer data in case of an emergency.

Security Practices for our Infrastructure

Protecting our infrastructure with a high technical competence level is vital as a cloud-based web services company. Below are some of the processes and details we go through to keep our infrastructure safe and secure.

  • All servers and services are running the latest security updates, and we patch or update services as soon as possible following vulnerability publications.
  • We utilize denial-of-service protection where possible.
  • Our infrastructure is easily deployable across multiple cloud and server infrastructure providers.
  • Our software is stateless by design. In the case of hardware or network failures, this limits data loss, enables easy failover to backup infrastructure, and keeps servers safer from unauthorized intrusion.
  • Technical staff utilizes infrastructure notifications across services and providers to be notified of failures or security incidents as soon as possible.
  • We strictly implement SSH based server authentication for the highest security across our server resources.
  • We strictly limit the use of publicly available ports on server infrastructure to the ones necessary for our services' availability to public networks.
  • Leverage of Cloudflare's world-class global network and security tools and services.

Security Practices for our Data

Dispatch strictly implements a high level of data security for our infrastructure that includes, but is not limited to, a combination of:

  • Data encryption,
  • access control protocols,
  • access logging,
  • data log reviews,
  • And employee training and reviews.

Security Practices for Data In Transit

Encryption has become so cheap and convenient today that it's now possible to enable it everywhere. All public network channels on the Dispatch platform are fully encrypted where possible.

  • We utilize the latest TLS technologies (Like SSL but with newer, more secure protocols) to transmit all web pages.
  • We disable or prohibit legacy encryption methods to alleviate known attacks.
  • We leverage Cloudflare's world-class security infrastructure to keep our customers and their listeners and viewers as safe as possible.

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